Puppy Training Tips 1: Crate Training

One of the best ways to house train your puppy is starting off with crate training. The crates come in different sizes and in different material. Make sure to visit one of your local pet stores to find which crate would best suit your puppy.

Many people tend to big larger crates, because they believe that their puppy will grow into it. This is not a smart move, because they may soil in one area of the crate and lie down in another. The purpose is to have the crate small enough that they will not be able to soil the crate without laying upon it. You may also consider purchasing a mat for them to sleep on. This would allow them to be more comfortable in their crate. Some crates also come with the option of having clip-on bowls for food and water. The crates should be, however, large enough for them to enter without trouble and lie comfortably.

In addition to the size and material, your puppy will need to understand that the crate is his or her den.  Additionally, do not keep the puppy in the crate for too long. Puppies need to be taken out every half hour to an hour.

Hope this these are helpful puppy training tips to start trying. Good luck.